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BENEFACTORY is a cloud platform designed to solve problems:


  • Budget control and savings allocated to corporate benefits
  • Full automation of benefit administration
  • Ready-made cafeteria plan and loyalty program
  • Ready-made co-financing instruments
  • HR-analytics of the benefit program
  • Convenient modeling of benefit program
  • Electronic document management with benefit providers
  • Expansion of corporate social package with benefits from BENEFACTORY partners
  • Online gathering of all the necessary information from employees to apply for benefits
  • Loyalty of employees and praise from management


  • Complete transparency of the social package
  • Employees can choose available benefits, options for insurance programs for themselves and their relatives
  • Search for clinics and doctors by specialization, online appointment to the doctor
  • Co-financing allows employees to pay part of the cost of their benefits
  • Self-filling of online applications by employees, printing of certificates
  • Purchase of additional benefits from BENEFACTORY partners at special prices online
  • Online access to Total Reward Statement
  • Time and money saving

BENEFACTORY is the best platform for automation of benefits administration


  • customize the platform for your corporate benefits program;
  • integrate it with corporate IT systems;
  • support it and ensure error-free work;
  • ensure compliance with the FZ-152 and FZ-242 laws also as FSTEC Order No. 21.


  • independently monitors the reception, dismissal, relocation of employees, changes in personal data, position, grade, etc.;
  • attaches employees to new benefits;
  • detaches employees from obsolete benefits;
  • informs employees about the changes;
  • sends information about attachments and detachments to the suppliers of benefits.

Care of employees

BENEFACTORY will tell the employee what benefits are available to him and his relatives, how to arrange them, will remind if the deadline is about to expire


Since the platform takes all the routine work, all you have to do is analyze and manage the benefit program with built-in analytics

BENEFACTORY provides you with many new features


BENEFACTORY shows your employees all the benefits that they have already received or can receive, reports on new benefits and how to use them. BENEFACTORY helps your employees understand how you care about them.


Some benefits are expensive for the company and are difficult to administer. For example, medical insurance. BENEFACTORY helps you to use the co-financing for such benefits, including online payment of insurance by an employee in his personal account.


BENEMARKET is a benefit store built into BENEFACTORY - it will help you expand your company's benefit program due to dozens of corporate programs and special offers from our partners.

BENEFACTORY is the best platform for automation of the cafeteria plan and loyalty programs

BENEFACTORY contains a ready-made set of benefits for the cafeteria plan and loyalty programs for employees in all regions of the Russian Federation. You just need to determine the rules for allocating the virtual currency and choose the benefits from our catalog. Everything else BENEFACTORY will do automatically.

Categories of benefits of the cafeteria plan

Family and Children

Co-financing VHI

Your employees can fully or partially pay for VHI both for themselves and for their relatives.
If they pay a part of the insurance costs through the BENEFACTORY interface, you do not have to make deductions from wages, instead you will get a total score and a set of documents for accounting.

Why is it convenient?

If relatives of employees are included in collective VHI agreement, such agreement becomes more unprofitable for the insurance company, and its cost for you increases. If you transfer the insurance of relatives of your employees to the BENEFACTORY platform, you can avoid this scenario.
If you pay for VHI for relatives of your employees, BENEFACTORY will allow you to partially finance these payments at the expense of employees through co-financing.
If you do not have a budget for corporate VHI for employees, BENEFACTORY will provide your employees with a simple and convenient online tool for selecting and buying various health insurance programs at a substantial discount.

Find out what your employees want

BENEFACTORY will give you access to a huge number of benefits, as well as detailed information about which benefits your employees choose most often, which benefits are most important to them and how they prefer to manage the budget of their social package.

BENEFACTORY is the only right choice

BENEFACTORY is the only solution in Russia for the automation of benefit programs, which provides a rich set of ready-to-use benefits and access to a wide range of benefit providers
BENEFACTORY is a unique self-regulating ecosystem that allows employers and employees to influence the quality of benefits
BENEFACTORY is the only online marketplace for insurance programs and corporate benefits on the Russian financial companies map: http://rusbase.com/fintech/
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